Brake service

Brakes are an essential part of your vehicle’s safety. Regular brake inspections and maintenance will ensure that your brakes do what they were designed to do...keep you safe by effectively stopping your vehicle. At Joe’s Auto, an ASE certified technician will examine your entire brake system, including the pads/shoes, anti-lock systems, hydraulic fluids, rotor/drum wear and calipers. Upon completion, we’ll tell you what, if anything, is needed.

Exhaust & muffler

Is your vehicle getting louder and louder? It’s likely that the muffler is beginning to deteriorate. A muffler will corrode and rust with water and debris from the road, and will eventually atrophy to the point where it will no longer work properly. Installing a new muffler on your vehicle is essential to keeping your vehicle quiet and effective in channeling your engine’s emissions safely to the rear of your vehicle.

Catalytic Converter

When a catalytic converter has become damaged or is past its useful lifespan, it loses the ability to turn unburned gasses and contaminants into less harmful forms before being expelled from your vehicle. A check engine light may appear and prevent you from passing an emissions inspection. We specialize in catalytic converters to keep your vehicle running as efficiently as possible, and keep the environment happy too!

Other services

  • ABS Repair
  • Axle Repair
  • Car Tires
  • Catalytic Converters
  • CV Shafts & Joints
  • Driveline Repair
  • Four-Wheel Drive Repair
  • Rack & Pinion Steering Systems
  • Shock Absorbers & Struts
  • Springs & Suspension
  • Steering & Chassis
  • SUV & Truck Tires
  • Car Tire Repair
  • Universal Joint